Children's Books

After completing her BA in History, DiMari spent many years living and working in Oslo, Norway. She worked in a bookstore, then as a buyer and marketing manager for a chain of bookstores, and an editor for a small press. In addition, DiMari worked as translator and taught ESL to adults and Norwegian as a second language to immigrant children, working closely with children and parents from Vietnam, Chile, and Turkey. Since returning to the United States, she completed a Master’s in Education and has worked in various capacities in the education industry and public schools.


The Little Brown Animal is the first story in a series called Tales of the Deep Forest. Next up is The Golden Griffin. DiMari is actively seeking books to translate from Norwegian to English as well as publishers for the translations. She is currently working with Norwegian authors Peter Normann Waage, Nina Karin Monsen, and Jørn Simen Øverli.