The calendar has one language and Mother Nature quite another. On the calendar, the Spring Equinox fell on March 20, 2015. But we here in the woods of New England, near the rumbling tides of the Atlantic, we are still waiting.

First there was the snow this past winter. We had a lot of snow, well over100 inches. And while it is beginning to recede, the snow is still about a foot deep in places, especially in the woods.


We did enjoy the snow. We skied and wandered around on our snowshoes. On starry evenings, we sat outside around the stove with a fire to warm us, just to chat or sit in the kind of quiet that only a landscape covered in deep snow can offer.


This is the same area in the backyard now at the time of this writing. So you can see that some snow has melted.

Of course, just now, it started to snow again during the evening hours. Big fat flakes coated the ground like a layer of powdered sugar. Sleet, ice, rain and more snow in the forecast. Sigh.


But it can’t last long! Ever the optimist, I am already planning the spring cleanup! The big sweep! The joyful anticipation of flowers! The hiking! The kayaking! Running outside instead of on the treadmill! Feeling warm breezes on our faces…. We here in the frozen north dream of warm days! And just think! Most of the snow should be gone by May! Happy Spring!